High-Speed Performance

Dynamic packet sizing (4 to 64 bytes),
DMA capability for minimal CPU overhead,
up to 256 Mbyte DRAM, 2.12 Gbaud fibre optic connections, and a sustained 170 MB/s transfer rate.

Economics and Available Time-to-Build Systems

Reflective Memory’s simple read/write method of communication substantially improves time to market, as well as improving data throughput on the network.

Advantages over Standard LAN Technologies

Global memory, high speed data transfers,
and software transparency.

Deterministic Data Transfers

No software delays and sub-500 ns latency hardware delays.

Operating System and Architecture Independence

Share information directly with ANY node in a star or ring network having an available CompactPCI, PCI/PCI-X, PCI Express, VMEbus slot, or PMC site.

Ease of Use

Reflective Memory transparently monitors and replicates all data, so that the application(s) can share the data without software overhead penalties.