The VME-5565 Reflective Memory node card provides a high-speed, low latency, deterministic interface that allows data to be shared between up to 256 independent systems (nodes) at rates up to 170 Mbyte/s.
VME 5565


Each Reflective Memory board can be configured with either 64 Mbyte or 128 Mbyte of onboard SDRAM. The local SDRAM provides fast Read access times to stored data. Writes are stored in local SDRAM and broadcast over a high speed fiber-optic data path to other Reflective Memory nodes.The transfer of data between nodes is software transparent, so no I/O overhead is required. Transmit and Receive FIFOs buffer data during peak data rates to optimize processor and bus performance to maintain high data throughput.

  • Network transfer rate of 43 Mbyte/s (4 byte packets) to 170 Mbyte/s (64 byte packets)
  • Dynamic packet size, 4 to 64 bytes of data
  • Up to 256 nodes
  • Connection with multimode fiber up to 300m, single-mode fiber up to 10km
  • Data written to memory in one node is also written to memory in all nodes on the network
  • High speed, easy to use fiber-optic network (2.12 Gbaud serially)
  • VME transfer rate 40 Mbytes
  • 64 Mbyte or 128 Mbyte SDRAM Reflective Memory