J-Squared's PEAZ-5565 Reflective Memory Analyzer is a powerful analytic tool for the industry-leading 5565 Reflective Memory (RFM) product family. By creating a window into network traffic, the analyzer allows you to deep dive into your application code to start solving problems.


With sophisticated event triggering, storage, and visualization options, the analyzer minimizes the time required to troubleshoot and optimize simple or complex RFM networks. Coupled with support for Linux- or Windows-based applications and event triggers like memory and address or range, data pattern, source ID, packet type and error conditions, the PEAZ-5565 lets you stay focused on your systems performance.

Best customer experience

We understand that there is more to providing solutions than speeds and feeds, and therefore, we complement the performance and practical aspects of our RFM products with long-term product availability, best-in-class domain expertise, and a focus on exceptional customer service. We offer:

  • A variety of form factors, operating system support, and configurations for network flexibility
  • Ease of integration and migration
  • Ease of use
  • Long-term availability
  • Robust lifecycle management
  • Global support and services
  • Local or remote monitoring options
  • Flexible triggers
  • Large trace buffer
  • Complex trigers
  • Local or remote Analyzer package installation
  • Support for capturing and inspecting bad packets