The PCIE-5565RC low profile PCI Express (PCIe) Reflective Memory node card provides highly scalable technology supporting up to 256 nodes.
PCIE-5565RC node card


Each Reflective Memory board may be configured with 128 MB or 256 MB of onboard SDRAM. The local SDRAM provides fast Read access times to stored data. Writes are stored in local SDRAM and broadcast over a high speed fiber-optic data path to other Reflective Memory nodes. The transfer of data between nodes is software transparent, so no I/O overhead is required. Transmit and Receive FIFOs buffer data during peak data rates to optimize the host computer and bus performance to maintain high data throughput. PCIE-5565PIORC is RoHS compliant. It has improved PIO read performance and firmware that can be upgraded in the field.

  • 2.12 Gbaud serial connection speed
  • Supports dynamic packet sizes ranging from 4 to 64 bytes
  • Up to 170 Mbyte/s sustained data rate
  • Deterministic transfer rate with only 450 to 500 nanoseconds of latency between nodes
  • Error management and detection protects against lost data
  • Interrupt transfers support for any node
  • 128 or 256 Mbytes of onboard SDRAM
  • Multimode fiber support up to 300 m, single mode fiber support up to 10 km
  • PCI Express, low profile PCI Expess, PMC, PCI and VME form factors available
  • Designed to meet the European Union (EU) Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Directive (2002/95/EC) current revision – except VME-5565
  • Star configuration available by using the ACC-5595 managed hub