Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Abaco Systems Reflective Memory

Advanced experimental science routinely works at a ‘sub-nanometer’ level such as probing the structure of matter in electronics.

A key technology for working at this level of miniaturization is synchrotron light, a form of electromagnetic radiation. Synchrotron light is an ideal tool for many types of research and industry, such as crystallography of proteins, tomography, photolithography, X-rays and residual stress analysis and has applications in the life sciences, medicine, material science, molecular environmental science, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Reflective Memory is being used in synchrotron applications to provide quick feedback to control particle jitter in the synchrotron’s storage ring. The particles will jitter while they are in motion due to minor changes in magnetic forces in the orbit. Reflective Memory is used in the system that controls jitter to ensure the particles are always orbiting. The particles move at very high speed, so the system must be real-time and respond quickly.